Saturday, December 15, 2012


I created a hairbow board for Kalista and then just finished one up for Ada too! I am actually kind of proud of myself.  Of course, neither has been put into use yet, so I am crossing my fingers that nothing falls off.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hug your babies (young and old) close today!

It's been a sad weekend.  My cousin lost her baby last night.  This cousin and I hardly ever saw each other (I think I can count the times on one hand), but we used to be pen pals when we were young and we loved sending each other letters.  I actually didn't even know she had a baby.  Her daughter was almost 4 months old when she stopped breathing at the babysitter's house a couple of days ago.  The babysitter administered CPR and the baby was careflighted to a hospital, but has been on oxygen since.  They ran tests and determined that she had a blood sugar level over 400 and her MRI did not look good either.  I guess they think she went into diabetic shock, but the doctors couldn't do anything more for her.  My cousin and her husband had to make the decision to pull her off of life support.  I can't imagine the heart break and grief they must be going through.  I can't imagine having to make that decision.  It's scary to think that such a young life can be taken away so soon and it makes me feel so lucky that my babies are healthy!  I checked on Brady twice last night because it really is just so scary.  I had a hard time sleeping, but I guess that's usual this late in a pregnancy. I should say I had an even harder time sleeping.  Please keep my family in your thoughts.