Thursday, November 8, 2012

January is Getting Close!

I just realized this week that I'm 29 weeks (technically today).  This means I'll be considered full-term in 8 weeks.  I just realized I can't assume she will stay in there for 40+ weeks like Brady.  Plus, there are holidays, so it's more like 6 weeks to prepare!  Eek!

Panic Mode Activated!

Then Brady was really sick for the past two days.  He's just now finally keeping food down.  Not much has been done in the past days except massive amounts of laundry because I have no clue how to keep a 1.5 year old from throwing up on everything, especially when he gives no warning that it's going to happen.  The first time was actually in his sleep and he didn't make a sound or even wake up long enough to cry after.  I checked on him before we went to bed 2 hours after we put him down and he had rolled around in it.  Yuck!

I'm sure I still have plenty of time, but 6 weeks doesn't seem like enough time to prep.  Plus, I really need to get busy on some craft projects.  Brady's scrapbook is only up to 4 months and I have all the supplies to make a hairbow board for Kalista.  I want to make another one for Ada when I'm done.  I'm going to be busy, busy, busy!

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