Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy WDSD!

A quick post before the feeding specialist shows up!

This is from my facebook, plus a bit extra because we always deserve a little extra.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day! Many people are doing "Who I Am" posts, but Ada isn't even 11 weeks yet. I'm still learning who she is, like any parent of any newborn. That's who she is right now. She is a baby, like any other baby. She is loved by many, many people! People with Down Syndrome are people that deserve as much respect as any other person. That's what today is about, but it doesn't stop at today and it doesn't stop at people with Down Syndrome.  Everyone deserves to be accepted!

I should include a little bit about Ada though.  Ada touched my heart before she was even born.  She has taught me so much about life and about myself.  She is my little girl that loves to stare and smile at me rather than eat sometimes.  I sometimes get frustrated when she won't eat as much of her bottle as I think she should, but when she just smiles at me, I forget all about that frustration.

Ada's bow says Peace, Love, Awareness!  I think that's a good tagline for today!

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