Thursday, March 14, 2013

Therapy and other concerns...

I see so much talk about therapy lately that I can't help get worried sometimes.  I'm a natural worrier.

Ada had her evaluation a few weeks ago and the EI program here said that she did not need therapy yet.  They will re-evaluate her in 90 days.  She will be almost 5 months old at that point.  At first, I thought this was for the best.  Right now, Ada sleeps almost all the time.  She has no real routine and so I find the best moments to work on tummy time and other things with her.  It requires some skill to find a time when she is awake, not too hungry, and not right after a bottle.  I admit that I don't even do tummy time every day.  Some days it is just enjoying that period where she is awake and happy.  She's really good at staring contests.

Then... I see everyone else talking about therapy for their newborns that have Down syndrome and I start to feel like I'm doing the wrong thing.  Maybe I should be pushing for more therapy?  I'm not sure because she can hold her head up for several seconds at a time now.  She can roll over from belly to back to get out of tummy time (as long as she has her arms under her).  She pushes against my hands with her feet.  She will make great eye contact and give us an occasional smile even.  She has even laughed a bit in her sleep.  Honestly, I don't remember when my son did these things because I never really took note.  I only feel like I'm supposed to note these things with Ada because there is this extra stress of THERAPY!  I think I will bring it up at her next appointment with the feeding therapist and her next weight check with the pediatrician.  Maybe they will set my mind at ease or tell me that I should be pushing for therapy.

In other worries, here is a big one....


Not just for Ada, but for Brady too.  I try so much not to worry about it because the pediatrician isn't too worried about either of them yet.  A little background here is that I am small (5'0" and under 100 lbs), my husband is small (5'4" on a good day), so babies are small.  Brady is 22 months.  I believe he weighs around 20-21 lbs and he is 32.5"-33" tall.  Since he was 4 months old, he has been barely on the growth chart, but he is growing.  He is in the 1%.  The doctor says he will just be small.  I only hope that the trend of growing continues.  Growth hormone deficiency is a concern of mine because I had it and so did my husband's brother.  I'm not sure if it's genetic or not (not enough research because it's rare).  Ada was born at 5lbs and 17", so another tiny one.  She is growing, but with her cleft palate concerns, we will have to keep watching it.  I find myself constantly worrying about how much my kids eat.  I don't realize how small Brady is until I see him around kids near his age.  Today, we met up with a friend who has a daughter that is about 16 months old.  She was right about the same height as Brady.  Hopefully, his doctor will put my mind at ease at his 2 year appointment. Until then...I worry.

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