Friday, March 15, 2013

Secret Tips for a Moms with "2 under 2"

I decided I should start recording any secret tips I learn.  I learned one today, so here's tip #1.

Bath Time (for me)

Getting a bath/shower when you have two little ones is hard, especially when I have to give Ada a bottle and pump during Brady's naptime.  Today I learned something that I hope will continue to help me get clean if I need to.  The best option is to take a bath with your toddler, but I've tried that with Brady and he has not been happy about it.

Today, I got Ada to sleep and took Brady into the bathroom with me.  I made myself a bubble bath and blew the bubbles at him and after that the bubbles amused him for the rest of my bath.  It did get messy though, so in the future I will make sure he isn't wearing anything but a diaper.  He has been so happy ever since getting a bit of bubble and water time. Yay!

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