Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ada's Future Best Friend

Today, Ada's future best friend was born.  She was born at 4:42am this morning and was 4 weeks early.  The reason I call her Ada's future best friend is because we are close friends and neighbors with her parents. Plus, their son is 3.5 months older than Brady and they're best friends because we go over there to play a lot.  She is beautiful and it's so exciting to hold a tiny (she's 5 lbs 12 oz) newborn again!  I am very excited for January when I can hold my own baby girl!

I feel like I'm not talking a lot about down syndrome and this is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, but, honestly, it's not in my mind a lot anymore.  Maybe it will be a little rough when Ada gets here, but I doubt it.  I'm nothing, but excited to meet her!  My only concerns are that she will be in the NICU or something will go wrong during birth, but those are normal concerns.

I am going to prepare some questions for our pediatrician.  I'm taking Brady to an appointment tomorrow and figured I would see if he's the right pediatrician to keep once Ada is born.  He's not always the easiest to talk to and get information from, but we've never had any issues with Brady and I haven't had a lot of questions or needed a lot of information.  I'm sure I will when Ada is here, but I also know we'll be seeing lots of specialists and therapists who will have answers for us.


  1. Wow! A best friend already! Too cool and fun! The families we hung with when Jess was little are the families we still hang with and whose kids (now friends and wild and wacky social and political and artistic changers of the world) are my friends on Facebook (and Jessie's and in real life too, when they are in town). You know, you go through phases . . . . long long long stretches of months or even years where its not about Down syndrome at all. Its about what ever stage you are at and what community you are in. What is Ada's best friend's name???

  2. Her name is Kalista and Brady's best friend's name is Kooper. :D