Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Busy Day

Sorry if this post is also super short, but today was busy too.  Took Brian's car to get a tire replaced, got my haircut, and picked up a gift for a friend's first birthday.  I barely made it home before we had to head to the party.  The party was lots of fun and Brady got to play with lots of babies and toddlers around his age.  Tonight, we're off to celebrate our anniversary at the Melting Pot.  YUM!  Our anniversary is actually Wednesday, but that also happens to be the same day as our fetal echocardiogram. We weren't sure if we'd be feeling up to going out afterwards, but we're hoping for good news. Plus, weekdays are usually kind of busy (for Brian at least).

I'm currently thinking a lot about which hospital I would prefer for delivery.  We delivered Brady at a great hospital and I liked it, but the hospital only has a Level II NICU.  After getting Ada's diagnosis, we wanted to deliver at the best hospital possible.  My doctor only delivers at two hospitals.  The other hospital does have a Level III NICU and is known to have a very good cardiology team also.  This is where we are getting our fetal echo because we will also meet with the pediatric cardiologist.  It seems nice, but I'm not sure how I feel about the possibility of sharing a postpartum room with someone, which could happen at this hospital.  I've also heard that they're more likely to take the baby to the nursery, although I'm sure they will do their best to accommodate our wishes to keep Ada with us.  This just makes me worry how much control we will have over birth and whether I'll be able to have another natural childbirth if I have unsupportive staff.  I'm thinking I might just stick with our original hospital, but this all depends on how things go at our appointment on Wednesday.

I submitted my blog post "Where It Starts" to the blog hop.  The optional prompt is "a defining moment" and I feel like that blog defines a very defining moment or moments in our life.  If you are also participating in the 31 for 21 blogging marathon, then you can select your favorite post from the week and hop on.

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