Monday, October 22, 2012

To Buddy Walk or not to Buddy Walk?

I've been back and forth on this.  At first, I really wanted to go.  Mainly to get information.  I figured there would be lots of information and there probably is.  However, now I'm starting to feel less excited to go because (a) it doesn't look like the Early Intervention program will be out there and (b) I'm not sure if I'm ready just yet.  Well, I do feel ready, but I feel kind of weird about going without Ada there.  I think in the future the main point will be for it to be a fun event for her to meet other children in the Down syndrome community in our area.

Another reason I'm weary of going is just exhaustion.  It's fall here and fall means weekends packed with things.  We have not had a weekend or even one day on the weekend free all month and I don't think we have any weekends free until after Thanksgiving.  I'm sure December weekends will start filling up too.  I have a long doctor's appointment (doing the standard Gestational Diabetes test) this Friday.  This Saturday, we are planning to go to a local parade and maybe our neighborhood's Night Out.  The buddy walk is this Sunday.  I get so tired after these weekends and it takes almost the whole next week for me to recover.  That's one of the joys of being pregnant and also of it still being so hot here.  I really hope the heat wave breaks before November.

Feel free to offer me advice, especially if you went to a Buddy Walk during your pregnancy.


  1. On weekends, do what FEELS good. There are surprises in that too!

  2. I really got a lot out of it. I know you're tired. Just wait and see. We weren't sure we were going until we got up that morning and went. We were a little late, but registered there. There was so much information.