Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Mannerisms and Our Kids

Funny how there are many times that I don't realize I do something until I see Brady do it.  Last night, we were getting him ready for bed and he was getting kind of giggly.  I also do this, but I'm aware of that one.  He starts laughing and he puts his hand over his mouth.  It cracked me up so much that I started laughing and, you guessed it, put my hand over my mouth by instinct.  When I realized that he must have picked it up from me I started laughing harder.  We were all cracking up and I really wish I had caught that moment on camera.

Brady is at the mimicking stage big time.  He loves to blow on his food, including goldfish or cheerios, to cool it off.  He loves mimicking the motions in signing time or at least trying to mimick them.  It's so cute to see him do so many silly things.  He's developing such a cute and sweet little personality.  He loves shoes and hats (or things that resembles a hat).  Beware leaving shoes out around him because he will put them on, mostly my flip flops.

Today, we went to visit his buddy, Kooper, and little sister, Kalista.  I was getting Brady ready to head out and he insisted on wearing this "hat."  He wore it the whole walk over (two doors down), but took it off as soon as we rang the doorbell.  I still caught a picture of him and his "hat."  Sorry that it's blurry and he sneezed right as I took it.

Also, here's just another shot of him being silly and flexible.  Sometimes on car trips, he likes to put his foot in his mouth.

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