Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mini Breakdown

Nothing like trying to cook something new when your husband isn't home yet (he worked a little later today) and your 1.5 year old is super fussy and clingy to cause a mental breakdown.  I occasionally freak out about adding another child into this mix.  Sometimes it's hard enough doing it with one, that I am scared about how it will get done with two.  Hopefully, Brady will start to get a little more independent.  In his defense, he was pretty independent all day until I started trying to cook.  No amount of distraction worked either.  I put on his favorite movie. That lasted 5 minutes.  I pulled out a toy that I hide because it's annoying.  That also lasted only 5 minutes.  Even just being in the kitchen with me wasn't enough.  He wanted me to hold him.  So part of dinner did burn a little bit, but in the end it was successful.  It tasted good, at least, and we have tons of leftovers.  I guess I shouldn't freak out too much because no one was hurt, nothing caught on fire and we all still got fed (only 15 minutes later than usual, too).  Just a few tears shed by both Brady and me.  I'll just blame it all on pregnancy hormones.

In other news, I bought nutritional yeast flakes at the Vitamin store nearby and put some of that in our potato cheese soup.  Obviously, we aren't vegans since I definitely used cheese in the soup and half & half, but I got it for a vegan recipe I plan to try.  Plus, I read that it can really boost the nutritional value of your food and it came in a huge container (way more than I need for one recipe).  Either it didn't have enough flavor to overpower the rest of the meal or it just tastes good, but dinner was a huge hit, especially with Brady.  He always makes me feel like a great cook.

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