Monday, October 1, 2012

Awareness Month - October

Until this point, for me, October has always been Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This is because my sister became a breast cancer survivor when she was 12 years old.  I was only 7 years old at the time and I honestly don't remember a lot about that time frame.  I do know that it has always been something major in my sister's life and it has shaped her into the wonderful woman, sister, friend, mother, and wife that she is today.

Little did I know that October would become such a special month for me too.  October also happens to be Down Syndrome Awareness month and a couple of months ago, we found out that our daughter, due in January, has Down syndrome.  I've been thinking about starting a blog to document our journey for awhile now, but figured I wouldn't start it until next year.  However, I've decided to participate in 31 for 21, which is a blog challenge to create a blog post every day in the month of October for Trisomy 21 in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month.  The posts don't have to be Down syndrome related, but I'll try to post a little bit of info about Down Syndrome when I can. So... we'll see how this goes...


  1. Congrats on the upcoming arrival of your daughter! I think it's pretty neat that you're participating in 31 for 21 while pg and you're jumping right in there!

    Sorry about the button issue, I've edited the code so hopefully ti works now if you want to try again. Please let me know if it still won't display properly.

    Also, welcome to the Ds community!

  2. Yes welcome! Love the blog title!!

  3. Thank you and I was able to get the button to work. :)