Friday, October 12, 2012

Zoo Trip!

Finally, we're using our zoo membership again.  We bought it back in April for Brady's birthday.  Just a membership for me, actually, because Brady gets in free.  We only used it 4-5 times in April and May, then it was too hot.  Today, the high dropped below 90!  It was actually around 77.  I took Brady to the zoo and he is so much more interested now than he was 5 months ago!  He loved the elephants, giraffes, and all the peacocks/peahens (those are loose all over the zoo).  I did find that 1-1.5 hours is definitely a limit for a toddler being interested in the zoo.  Hopefully this weather will come back soon because the forecast for all next week is 90+ again and even 70s was getting kind of hot for us.

After that, we went to ToysRUs for a couple of birthday presents for his friends.  There are so many October birthdays!  He had fun because I took him out of the cart and let him play with the train tables. I figured we should take our time because he was going to fall asleep on the way home no matter when we headed back home.  He can't stay awake in the car for more than 15 minutes and it's 45 minutes home.  All in all, a wonderful day out of the house.

In other news, I recently found and that's bad news.  Last night I bought some cute jeans that are supposed to be very adjustable, so they will fit over cloth diapers and they will last almost a year!  Plus, they're cute.  Today, they had a deal on Petunia Pickle Bottom.  I was considering they're backpack diaper bag for awhile, but couldn't justify spending that much.  At half off, however, I jumped on it super fast.  Hey, I need organization when I have two in diapers and need multiple sippy cups/bottles.  I'll take lots of pictures when everything gets here!

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