Monday, October 15, 2012

Going Green

I've been cloth diapering Brady for awhile now, except for my mini-hiatus during my nauseous part of pregnancy.  Now it's become my latest obsession.  Not just cloth diapering, but just cloth anything.  It's getting expensive, but I know it will pay out in the end.

I'm finally taking a break from buying Ada a stash of newborn cloth diapers and we already have a sizable collection of one size diapers for when she's hits 10-12 lbs and can start wearing those.  Here's a picture of what I have for Ada's newborn diapers so far.

You can't see everything in this picture and I actually do have a few more items on the way.  I think I'm at around 12 All-In-One/Pocket Diapers, 2 fitted diapers, 5 contours, 3 diaper covers, and I have 10 prefolds on the way.  I will need more diaper covers and a few more prefolds, but I'll worry about that later.  We'll definitely be set after that.  Plus, more cloth wipes because I just started using cloth wipes on Brady too.  They're super easy because we already use the diapers and they all get washed together.  Most of these items I've gotten used or discounted new, so I've saved a lot of money.  I figure I'll get 3-4 months of use out of all the newborn stuff.

Anyway, I'm also starting to green up our kitchen.  I've bought some handmade unpaper towels (still to be delivered), some reusable bags to replace our plastic sandwich/snack bags, and some flour sack towels that are supposed to be great for cleaning up any big spills.

I'm pretty obsessed with it.  I think it's nice because it's not only saving us money, but it's good for the environment too.  I'm also big into buying used lately, for the same reasons.  Used toys, used furniture, used etc.  This new world of being able to shop local yard sales on facebook is making it almost too easy, so... maybe I'm not really saving money because I keep wanting to spend when you can window shop from your computer.  I keep telling myself, I'm done, but we're also prepping Brady's toddler room.  At least I know I was going to buy a toy box and stuff anyway.

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  1. Too fun! So many green options and ways to dress up what you find.